A Few of my Favorite Things

I am a pretty unique person and love random and unique finds. Not just for ME (well, maybe ALL for me 😉 but for those special people in your life. Here are some things that I find utterly adorable and impressive at the moment during holiday shopping. (This is not a paid sponsored post because no one knows that I exist enough to pay me to say these things, so therefor all opinions are mine and mine alone 🙂 )


This amazing WATERCOLOR scratch-off US map. I have seen other scratch-off maps (mostly of the world) but haven’t seen one that was US specific, and watercolor none the less! This is really pretty way of keeping track of your travels. I believe there is a version for the world as well (#win).


These super dainty zodiac temporary tattoos for the gypsy in your life. SO ADORABLE. I have tattoo envy right now… #astrologylover


I LOVE GEMS! I have a diamond tattoo right by my elbow and these are amazing. SOMEONE ORDER ME THIS STAT! ❤ I would make gem ice forever if I had this product.


I have been practicing tarot for the last 10 years and have multiple decks. The best ones are ones that FIND YOU though, and if anyone got me this New Wave deck from Last Craft Designs I would freak out and burst into laughter but also love them so much because WHAT ON EARTH WE LIVE IN A TIME WHERE THIS EXISTS?! Again, a great steal for that gypsy friend. I know what role I’m gonna have in the apocalypse… #gypsywomanforever


I love the Little Arrow Studio so much. She’s a badass lady designer from Portland, OR. The shop has so many cute and original pins and jewelry, but nothing takes the cake like these pink tassel earrings! ENOUGH SAID.

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 10.56.20 AM.png

Featuring another badass designer lady from Portland, these amazing votive candles are all the rage (by Unusual Cards). If you look closely, you can see that she makes hilarious collages mixing in renaissance art and cats, dinosaurs, and aliens. It’s the perfect juxtaposition in my book and I would INSTANTLY be friends with anyone who has a sense of humor about organized religion. #spiritualbutnotreligious

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 10.52.53 AM.png

Last but not least, anything crystal or agate or geode oriented is a win in my book. These bottle openers are a thoughtful gift to the geology lovers out there. (DON’T FORGET ABOUT MEEE!)

Wow this post probably makes me sound like a huge witch so I’m grateful that this isn’t 1692 otherwise I’d probably be burned at the stake.

And on that note, peace I’m out! Happy holiday shopping out there!