New Year in Nawlins’


January can be busy with getting into new routines, and I can get more into that at a later post, but I FINALLY made it to writing about our New Years festivities in NAWLINS! GEAUX 2017!!


We drove from Houston through the swamps of Louisiana all while watching the movie The Skeleton Key, featuring Kate Hudson as a caretaker in a creepy voodoo house (I won’t say much more otherwise it will give away the ending, but driving through the swamps in a rain storm set up the vibes for our holiday stay #ilovecreepythings). After getting lunch in Baton Rouge, we went to the Evergreen Plantation home, where the movie Django Unchained was filmed (and it is also currently the filming location for the upcoming Roots series). We had the BEST tour guide ever, she was very thorough about the history of Louisiana, the people of the land, as well as the true definition of Creole. It was inspiring to hear as well as a beautiful home.


After touring the swampy marshland plantation, we made our way into Nawlins and promptly had THE BEST shrimp po-boys of our lives at Parasol’s, which was conveniently down the street from our Airbnb in the Garden District. We then did what you SHOULD DAMN WELL do when in NOLA – a ghost tour of the French quarter! I have gone on other tours in the past, but this time we opted for the Voodoo Bone Lady tour. In my opinion, the Haunted History tours are better and provide a more thorough historical description of the area, but the Bone Lady was very entertaining and told more stories about voodoo that I haven’t heard prior. All I could focus on was GHOSTS. My sis and I took lots of pics and saw multiple orbs in our shots, which we then proceeded to make up what we thought they meant because we like to imagine being priestesses ourselves. #whyarewesocreepy


We then drank hurricanes at Pat O’Briens and partied it up on Frenchman street while listening to live jazz. I also loved the art market off Frenchman, where John and I scored these amazing t-shirts! POE BOY and I want to be BAYOU FTW! (We LOVE puns to the nth degree incase you can’t tell…)


New Years Eve was probably my favorite day of our entire southern holiday trip. We got up early and had an amazing breakfast of biscuit sandwiches, walked around the square and French quarter, visited the hurricane Katrina exhibit at the Louisiana State museum, ate lunch off of Bourbon street with INSANELY huge ass beers, visited congo square and the jazz park, bar-hopped and shopped off Decateur street, followed by a fancy 3 course dinner with my sis and bro-in law at Bayona. FOOD IN NOLA IS SO RICH OMG YES (BUT OH MY GAWD MY STOMACH).





After that we met up with friends at the Howlin Wolf for NYE festivities with Rebirth Brass Band! (If you ever watched the HBO show Treme, it’s centered around some characters from this Grammy winning band and the music is rich in NOLA culture. Plus they brew their own beer, which was what we drank all night). We had a blast and loved people watching!


This was my 3rd trip to NOLA and it did not disappoint. I always forget just how energetic and magical the city feels, almost like it is a part of me, a part of all of us! We were sad to say goodbye after our short jaunt, but loved the architecture, music, food, and made many memories. We can’t wait to come back! Maybe Jazzfest at some point? #ilovenola



Houston, We Have A Problem


We had a blast with family while we stayed in Houston over the holidays. While my family lives in the Katy area, John and I stayed at the cutest Airbnb apartment in Montrose and explored so many places I’ve never been, including THEE BEST BBQ that John and I have ever had at Midtown BBQ. TALK ABOUT BRISKET CITY! We also enjoyed the most DELISH burgers from the Burger Joint. I’ve lived in California for 9 years and I can say that burgers (and BBQ tbh) in Texas are WAY BETTER, there is no discussion – thanks!

Why stop at BBQ and burgers when you can stuff your face even more with TEX MEX?! The original Ninfa’s on Navigation did NOT disappoint. I swear every time I go to Texas I end up gaining 10 pounds from the heavy food and lack of exercise! #itsworthitthough #foodforever #nomnom #quesofordayzzz One of my favorite memories was of John getting his combo plate, which came with a crispy taco, and him saying “is this why you like Taco Bell so much? Because you grew up eating crispy tacos?” ROFL – Californians…. (Probably a good time to declare my deep love for Taco Bell as well) 😉

IMG_9424.jpgIs that Jesus, coming eat some Tex-Mex?!

The Houston museum district is one of the top 3 of the country because they get exhibits that won’t reach the rest of the US, like the Degas exhibit we saw at the MFAH. I love how all of the museums are close together, scattered throughout the park among the abundant water fountains. (SRSLY thought there are like 10 water fountains within 4 blocks). The last time I brought John home a couple years ago, we actually saw an off-Broadway version of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas under the stars in the park at the museum district… ❤ memories!




15780940_10108774696888970_6334422281782792163_nJohn, standing with 1/10% of the water fountain population within the Houston museum district.

Another thing we did was check out the HOUSTON SPACE CENTER because *ahem cough cough* JOHN WILL BE WORKING FOR NASA starting at the end of this month!! In the Bay Area location of course. MY BF IS A SCIENTIST Y’ALL! And since he had never been to the space center prior, we made a trip of it with my sisters and my youngest niece and nephew. But MAKE SURE you get the timed tickets online prior to your visit, it saves you HOURS upon hours of waiting for the tours. #impatientashell






Houston, you are very diverse and pretty cool. Until we come back again! Over and out ❤

A Night In San Antonio

15622143_10108750468986880_5549738964464900180_nI grew up for most of my life in San Antonio (despite the time we lived in Ohio for 4 years) but since I’ve been living in California, my parents moved to be closer to my sisters in the Katy/Houston area. I haven’t been to San Antonio in about 5 years and John has never been, so when we decided to go to Texas for the holidays I made the executive decision to spend a night in San Antonio and have a good ole classic night on the Riverwalk for Christmas. It’s SO BEAUTIFUL during the holidays if you haven’t been I suggest you visit during this time because it’s a #win.

We stayed at the haunted Emily Morgan hotel, which is on the list of top 10 haunted hotels in America. While we didn’t see anything too crazy, I did have crazy dreams about Santa Anna and Mexico City, and my sister’s TV went on and off in her room! (Emily Morgan is also the name of the Yellow Rose of Texas, who was also a lover of Santa Anna. AND MY NAME IS EMILY!!! Coincidence much?!!) The hotel is next door to the Alamo, which is a quick and free visit and amazing way to explore Texas history. (You can see the Emily Morgan hotel in the background next to the flag. I mean it just looks scary AF, right?! I wish I got a picture of the creepy gargoyles up close but I forgot. OOOPS).



You can buy beers and margaritas from the BierGarten once you are in the Riverwalk and walk around with them and explore, which is nice because I like to drink my booze and multitask. We had some chips and queso at Casa Rio (my favorite Mexican on the Riverwalk) which felt amazing because you can’t get good queso in California (this is a fact and not an opinion). Then we rode a boat just as it got dark to watch the beautiful lights and point out scenes from where they filmed the movie Selena (A FAN FAVORITE IN THIS HOUSE!). But beware, if you wait too long the line is insane. Also there can be a lot of screaming children so you have been warned…



Afterwards, we headed to the Pearl area to explore some bars, mostly the rooftop bar at Paramour, and walked around the new developing artsy part of the Riverwalk which was 100% awesome and something I’ve never done before. My favorite was the goldfish art exhibit under the freeway because they light up at night and were so pretty.



After a night of eating and drinking and crazy dreams, we woke up and ate big ass breakfast tacos from Taco Haven, a San Antonio institution. It was a short trip, but better than not going at all! I love you San Antonio! Until next time…



Happy Holladaze!


MERRY EVERYTHING 2K16 – and happy winter solstice! We are heading off on a holiday extravaganza trip to Texas where we will stay in San Antonio and Houston, and then make our way to NOLA for NYE. I can’t wait to embark on our journey and I hope you have a festive holiday as well. And if not, there’s ALWAYS alcohol…

Be back in 2017 to blog more about everything and nothing. Xo – Emily.

A Few of my Favorite Things

I am a pretty unique person and love random and unique finds. Not just for ME (well, maybe ALL for me 😉 but for those special people in your life. Here are some things that I find utterly adorable and impressive at the moment during holiday shopping. (This is not a paid sponsored post because no one knows that I exist enough to pay me to say these things, so therefor all opinions are mine and mine alone 🙂 )


This amazing WATERCOLOR scratch-off US map. I have seen other scratch-off maps (mostly of the world) but haven’t seen one that was US specific, and watercolor none the less! This is really pretty way of keeping track of your travels. I believe there is a version for the world as well (#win).


These super dainty zodiac temporary tattoos for the gypsy in your life. SO ADORABLE. I have tattoo envy right now… #astrologylover


I LOVE GEMS! I have a diamond tattoo right by my elbow and these are amazing. SOMEONE ORDER ME THIS STAT! ❤ I would make gem ice forever if I had this product.


I have been practicing tarot for the last 10 years and have multiple decks. The best ones are ones that FIND YOU though, and if anyone got me this New Wave deck from Last Craft Designs I would freak out and burst into laughter but also love them so much because WHAT ON EARTH WE LIVE IN A TIME WHERE THIS EXISTS?! Again, a great steal for that gypsy friend. I know what role I’m gonna have in the apocalypse… #gypsywomanforever


I love the Little Arrow Studio so much. She’s a badass lady designer from Portland, OR. The shop has so many cute and original pins and jewelry, but nothing takes the cake like these pink tassel earrings! ENOUGH SAID.

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 10.56.20 AM.png

Featuring another badass designer lady from Portland, these amazing votive candles are all the rage (by Unusual Cards). If you look closely, you can see that she makes hilarious collages mixing in renaissance art and cats, dinosaurs, and aliens. It’s the perfect juxtaposition in my book and I would INSTANTLY be friends with anyone who has a sense of humor about organized religion. #spiritualbutnotreligious

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 10.52.53 AM.png

Last but not least, anything crystal or agate or geode oriented is a win in my book. These bottle openers are a thoughtful gift to the geology lovers out there. (DON’T FORGET ABOUT MEEE!)

Wow this post probably makes me sound like a huge witch so I’m grateful that this isn’t 1692 otherwise I’d probably be burned at the stake.

And on that note, peace I’m out! Happy holiday shopping out there!

San Francisco Holiday Traditions


It’s the holidays, a time for participating in traditions both new and old alike. One of my favorite annual events is the Golden Girls Christmas drag special at the Victoria theatre! Remember when I mentioned that I djed at Daytime Realness along with Heklina?? WELL she’s AMAZING in Golden Girls as Dorothy! (And so is everyone else TBH). What a better way to kick off the holidays than to gather your friends, have a few drinks, wear a festive top, and enjoy a show chock full of innuendos?! The laughs are infectious!


Sergio and I have gone every year for the past 4 years with our own various SPECIAL GUEST STARS 🙂 And to commemorate our experience, we always take a picture with the cast along with our crew for the evening. OUTTA MY WAY – WE ARE MAKING MEMORIES PEOPLE!!! #blessed.

IMG_3687.jpgThis was our first show in December 2013.

img_6840December 2014.

IMG_0701.jpgDecember 2015.

IMG_8225.JPGDecember 2016.

As you can see Sergio and Heklina are always in the bottom left while I stand in the back next to Blanche (Matthew Martin) cause Blanche is ONE SASSY LADY who obvi has the best wardrobe. DUH! If you are in San Francisco,  DON’T MISS THIS GEM OF A SHOW!

What are some of your holiday traditions?

Sunday Fundays in the City


One of my favorite things about living in San Francisco are the weekend strolls. John LOVES walking everywhere. And coming from Texas, my old Texan self would think this is crazy. (NO ONE WALKS ANYWHERE WHEN IT’S TRIPLE DIGIT HEAT!!!)  In my first few years here I constantly rode the bus. Then I got a bike and biked everywhere for 2 years. That was fun and all, until more and more people would get hit by cars on their morning commute. NOT LYING – even my friends who rode more than me were becoming damaged! When I changed jobs and the new office was located around a bunch of construction,  I didn’t feel comfortable riding to work, so I took the bus again. Then I met John and he doesn’t have a bike, thus my bike riding sorta stopped. It’s weird when you go on dates and one of you has a bike and the other doesn’t, #amirite?!

But John has been a great influence because I find myself walking to places more so now than I ever did before, and I enjoy seeing my steps after on my health app. It makes me feel productive 🙂  PLUS you get to see cool things like PURPLE VICTORIANS!


We had a nice stroll around the city yesterday and ended up watching Fantastic Beasts later in the afternoon. I love going to the movies on Sunday afternoons, it feels like a nice way to chill from the weekend and relax before starting back up on Monday.

IMG_8374.jpgLook at THAT FACE ❤

Anyways – have a great week! Oh and start walking a bit more maybe and enjoy your neighborhood 🙂 And SUNDAY FUNDAYS FOREVER!


Thankful & Stuffed


2016 has been a crazy year full of tremendous change. We saw loads of sudden musician deaths, an insane presidential season with our first reality star president elect, and had never ending hangovers (I don’t know about you but I don’t think I’ve been more drunk in my life! And getting older, these hangovers don’t feel any better). While it’s easy to get down about losing our favorite celebrities (<tear for Prince & Bowie>), the fact that the Giants lost their chance to play in THEE World Series in an even year (WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!) AND Golden State Warriors lost the playoffs, or the state of our country (ahem #notmypresident)… I was thankful to celebrate what I DO have in my life, instead of what I don’t.

Things like:

  • An awesome boyfriend. John moved in earlier in the year and things have never been better. While I know of some other friends who are already married with kids, newly married or newly engaged, or just plain been living with their significant other for a while (or recently split from living with a significant other) – THIS is my first live-in boyfriend and a really big step for me. Not to mention, he’s a cutie ❤
  • Our adorable baby cat. She is the best emotional support cat there is (look up #beatrixvonwhiskerton on my instagram if you want proof).
  • A loving family, even though they are another state away. While we might not always agree on everything, I have a very supportive and loyal family who is always there for me no matter what. Also, I have the most diverse, eclectic group of sisters that a girl could ask for and they are great role models.
  • My awesome friends! I love those weirdos! CAN I TAKE YOUR PICTURE SO WE CAN MAKE MEMORIES?!
  • This damn city. SAN FRANCISCO YOU ARE WONDERFUL! I feel that I have really come into my own the last almost decade I’ve been here. (WHAT I’M GETTING SO OLD). Where else can you witness the rolling fog (Karl), run in Golden Gate Park, have bonfires at Ocean Beach, get #lit at Gay Pride, experience Bay to Breakers, see too much, see things you never even knew could happen (FOLSOM STREET FAIR if you want specifics), go hiking – wine tasting – camping all at your finger tips, and wear costumes for any and every occasion?!
  • Tapping into my creative outlet. Whether it’s through podcasting + djing, art, THIS BLOG, cooking, or attempting the new makeup tutorial, I am thankful that I possess drive to try new and creative things.
  • My health.

Here’s to the best stuff out of our shit bag of a year, y’all. Let’s make 2017 GREAT all around 😉



Sideways in Sonoma


I’m pretty thankful for the fact that I live so close to wine country. It’s easy to gather some friends, get on the highway, and find yourself among the vineyards within an hour. While I used to take advantage of this much more when I was newer to the city, it never gets old having a #wineday. And going during autumn is my absolute FAVORITE time of year to experience wine tasting. The vineyards are colorful (not just green), it’s a bit slower paced, and I can get wine drunk while wearing comfortable sweaters. WINE WIN! I personally gravitate towards Sonoma over Napa because it is less touristy, has cheaper tastings, and people are more down to earth. Not to mention it’s a tad bit closer to the city, and less time in car = more time drinking, so LET’S GO!


I love starting out tasting sparkling wine first because it’s a great way to ease into your day, especially when you start tasting at 11am. Domaine Carneros is my absolute favorite sparkling tasting experience; the view is amazing, the wine is very dry (just what I love), and they have caviar! I love getting all bougie up in there because I am not bougie in real life so it is an all around cool experience. (Caviar should be round, and hard, and of adequate size, and should burst in your mouth at *precisely* the right moment. #overboardforever).

Gloria Ferrer is another good option for a day starter and is close by in Sonoma, but you might have to wait if you don’t have a reservation. I know a lot of people like Domaine Chandon as well, but it’s a bit too crowded for me on a normal day. I like to go when there isn’t anyone there so I can have a good seat and order oysters, because #idontlikecrowds #introvertproblems.


I’ll be makin’ room for some more vino in this sweater dress ❤

Another fun spot is Cuvaison. This is probably my favorite place in Sonoma. They are small but have a GREAT VIEW, fun people work there, and the wine is on point! I could spend an entire afternoon just lounging outside on the patio. They also released a new wine with label artwork by THEE Andy Warhol! Super artsy and different – check.





I usually almost always stop by one of my longstanding favorite spots, Bartholomew Park. You can’t buy the wine anywhere other than at the vineyard, they have a gorgeous picnic area and hiking trails, a wine history museum, and THE BEST sauvignon blanc this side of New Zealand! Srsly check them out if you make your way to the area.


John & I at Bartholomew last year on a hot summer day. You can honestly have a fashion shoot in these vineyards, as I have had many times…

Other places that I enjoy in Sonoma are Ravenswood, Artessa, Gundlach Bunschu, Truchard (a fav of my sis and her SOMMOLIER HUSBDAND y’all), and Larson Family Winery (they have cornhole!).

Some things to note:

  • Most places comp your tastings if you buy a bottle so if you end up liking something it’s almost always more cost effective to buy a bottle rather than just pay for the tasting (depending on how $$$ it is).
  • You WILL have wine lips so it’s good to have wine wipes close by as to not embarrass yourself.
  • Take fun pictures in the vineyards drunk that you can show off to your crew later. “Hey guys, I found my new profile pic!! New Christmas card, anyone?”
  • In the holiday season, always wear ugly sweaters. Sometimes you might be surprised at how amazing people will treat you in an ugly sweater.
  • It’s easy to walk into another party’s limo; I recommend not doing this unless you purposely want to start a commotion – then proceed.
  • Have a great time 🙂


Ugly sweater extravaganza a few holidays ago.

The Bubble

The election happened two weeks ago now. I wanted to write a long lengthy post about all of my feelings; the rage, the denial, the sadness. But instead I deleted my draft because nothing I will write can encompass everything that I feel, or have felt, especially as things change and evolve everyday post election. With more attacks daily under this new #trumpamerica (#notmypresident) I will say that I am nervous and scared for our future…

So when Saturday Night Live made this sketch last weekend, I srsly thought it was a perfect representation of how I and so many others feel. I’m just gonna chalk it up to this and move on (as much as I can) and if I feel so compelled to write anything else specific I will.

Dat bubble tho…