Let’s just say…I love music.

I played the piano for 10 years growing up and also took up the flute in middle school. I used to play in church choir and for weddings, on top of being part of a super competitive high school marching band (hey it’s a thing in Texas). In college I marched in the University of Texas Longhorn Band and got to go to all the football games for free. #hookem

While in school I interned for SXSW and numerous music venues in the city, in addition to 101.5 the independent radio station. I loved music promotion, the booking process, event planning, and the culture of the “music scene” in Austin, which I deeply loved.

I moved to San Francisco to handle advertising and marketing of Wicked the Musical in my early 20’s. Working with super creative people on a fun show was so rad, not to mention planning the cast parties, working with the visitors center, and handling TV and radio promotions got me up to speed with San Francisco in an exciting way! But when the show ended its 2 year sit down engagement, there wasn’t a need for my position and I went out into the workforce.

Since Wicked, I’ve worked in various aspects of digital media and online advertising. While the whole tech culture here in SF is a completely different beast (umm also Silicon Valley hits so close to home sometimes it can be hard to watch lol) I needed something to connect me to music. So I got into streaming independent radio stations and had a few online shows (most notably Bad Girl Beatsย on Radio Valencia). That’s how I met my good Friend Sergio who showed me how to mix about 7 years ago, and I became a DJ!

My personal Soundcloud can be found here. These are mixes of me playing from various dive bars and events solo. Together Sergio and I are The BeDazzlers. You can find those mixes here. I basically bedazzle us some AMAZING tops for impeccable stage presence while we play out and about. I am also a founding member of the local Italo-Disco party, Galaxy Radio. It’s been going for 5+ years! People who love Galaxy, LOVE IT hard, so it’s pretty cool that it still has a following all this time later. I have played anything from disco nights at dive bars, to happy hour events at the Academy of Sciences or for SF Magazine, to a stage at SF Pride.

Long story short, I am a music nerd of the disco variety, and a busy lady!