Fun Facts

I moved to San Francisco in my early twenties to work for Wicked The Musical. After, I worked in adtech, digital publishing, and gaming for many years before returning to work in the entertainment industry for the Curran theater. I also worked for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child SF until COVID-19. Six months later, I moved back to Austin with my partner John to start new adventures!

Cats are the best and that’s a fact. If you don’t like it then TOUGH.

I am the shortest person in my family, 5’2″ tall.

When in doubt, GLITTER. Gold is also the superior metal.

Disco is the influence behind most modern music, from hip hop to house, EDM, R&B, and pop, and that’s why it’s my favorite genre.

I have been told that I dress “beautifully loud” and that I wear “too many colors at once” in a traditional office scenario, but I firmly believe that fashion is your internal persona extended and I want to express myself!

I marched in the Longhorn Band at The University of Texas at Austin. I played piccolo/flute. I have photodocumentation.

I am obsessed with dark crime thrillers in forms of books, TV shows, movies, podcasts, etc. and wanted to be a criminologist when I was in high school.

My all time favorite TV show will always be Seinfeld. You are either a FRIENDS person or a Seinfeld person, and I welcome you with open arms if you are also a fan of well-written neurotic comedy (Sunny in Philly anyone?). If you are into FRIENDS, you probably also like The Big Bang Theory or 2 Broke Girls, and I don’t need that sort of superficial garbage in my life.

Tuxedo cats will always hold my heart, but ALL cats were created equal ❤

For any questions or inquiries, please contact me at emcoalson@gmail.com.