Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Daydreams & Disco! I’m Emily, a disco weirdo & daydream aficionado. I grew up in Texas for the most part (Ohio for a little part), lived in San Francisco for a dozen years and just recently moved back to Austin, TX.

I have an interesting career path that could be an entire post in itself, but have done everything from entertainment marketing to digital publishing and gaming, to website development (which is what I’m doing currently). I  DJed disco music for 10 years while living in San Francisco. I love music and entertainment. I also joined an improv team and put on several comedy showcases while in SF, but due to COVID-19 we created our own quirky podcast. Since I’ve moved to Austin, I still join recording sessions (tune in here).

True crime documentaries are my love language (and maybe someday I’ll get into forensics). I’ve always been the biggest cat lady in the room and am a proud cat mom to a beautiful Tuxedo lady name Beatrix.


I like to dabble in cooking, watercolors, travel and am obsessed with watching Chopped with my partner John, as we like to have highly philosophical conversations around what WE would personally make with gummy bears, pork shoulder, a muffin, and corn. But I digress…

Daydreams & Disco is a place where I can share snapshots of my creative endeavors and travel experiences, and let the world know a little more about who I am.