Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Daydreams & Disco! I’m Emily and am a disco weirdo & daydream aficionado. I grew up in Texas for the most part (Ohio for a little part) and have been living in San Francisco, CA for a decade (OMG it’s been THAT long?! I’m #old).

I work in entertainment marketing and I also DJ from time to time. I love music. My specialty is disco, which makes SF pretty perfect! But I am pretty creative outside of music as well. I like to bedazzle things, I take costume making very seriously (as you DAMN WELL should), and enjoy making art from pop culture references. I love being the role of camp historian within my friend group and photographing our moments together (those ‘smores shots aren’t gonna capture themselves!). I like to dabble in cooking and am obsessed with watching Chopped with my boyfriend, as we like to have highly philosophical conversations around what WE would personally make with gummy bears, pork shoulder, a muffin, and corn. But I digress…

Daydreams & Disco is a place where I can share snapshots of my creative endeavors and travel experiences, and let the world know a little more about who I am.