My Favorite Personal Development Books

I started off 2021 with extreme focus and dedication towards creating a lasting morning routine and healthy habits. After years of feeling burnt out with my intense jobs and lively social life in San Francisco, on top of COVID and moving across country, I was looking for more self care and me time to actually think about what I was feeling and reflect. I know that I probably sound like a huge square right now, but January is my favorite month of the year because I love the motivation behind resolutions and goals. Something about this Capricorn energy really super motivates me to try new things and be the best me. And I’m so excited it’s here again for 2022!

I started this year off with something that people had suggested to me many times over the years and I also found excuses to not do it – meditation. Every morning I jumped out of bed, lit candles and incense, meditated for anywhere between 5-15 minutes and then journaled for about 5 minutes. I reflected on things like how I wanted my day to go, short term or long term goals, or big creative ideas that I had. They say it takes 28 days to form a habit and I’m proud to say nearly one year later and I still do this *almost* every day. (Hey I’m not perfect and I don’t always do this when I’m traveling – though that is something I want to focus on next year) I’ve since followed my morning ritual with my morning walk and I am so much happier as a person. It’s probably also worth mentioning that my company is California based and 2 hours behind me, so I am lucky to be able to have a little more time to myself in the morning that I never had before.

Living in SF I would sleep in as late as possible, get ready and head out quickly to catch the bus downtown, rushing to make it in on time. I always felt very rushed in the morning and that did not bode well for my aura over the day. By focusing time purely to yourself, to your thoughts, to setting your mood for the day FIRST thing in the morning – you are in the act of setting yourself up for success.

I’ve read many books this year that have helped me with this journey of habits, thought patterns, mindset – and I wanted to share for those interested in self discovery this January 2022.

In random order, here are the books that helped me this past year:

Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself – I LOVED this book, it’s been my favorite of the bunch. I highly recommend to anyone who wants more insight into our consciousness and what makes you, YOU.

How To Do The Work: Recognize Your Patterns, Heal From Your Past, and Create Your Self – I love the Holistic Psychologist on Instagram and read her book as soon as it was released. It’s a very easily digestible way to recognize your own traumas and work through them in order to not fall into repeated patterns.

The Mountain is You: Transforming Self Sabotage Into Self Mastery – This was also a great read about conscious vs subconscious self sabotage patterning, a bit high level, but still good place to start.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – This was my first time reading Dr Joe Dispenza and I can’t wait to dive into his other books. Similar but more thorough look at taking control of your thoughts.

Girl On Fire – This is more girl-boss business oriented, but a lot of confidence and motivation around listening to yourself, letting yourself be seen and heard, and being your own authentic boss in business.

Discover Your Dharma – I listen to Sahara Rose’s podcast Higher Self and naturally read her book when it dropped. I’m captivated by her and could listen to her talk about your life’s purpose for hours. The book comes with journal prompts and workbooks to help you discover what it truly is that inspires you.

Dear Universe – This is a book I use almost every morning, it’s short meditations based on how you are feeling or how you want to feel (abundant, energized, playful, etc). After I mediate I pick a word that speaks to me and read the mini meditation outloud.

Creative Visualization – This is an old classic around visualization and manifestation. While the concept is not new to me this is a great book to get your feet wet on the concept of the law of attraction.

A Manual For Manifesting Your Dream Life – I came across this mini book on TikTok and really enjoyed it. It’s a super quick motivating read that’s perfect for a flight or rainy day, to remind yourself just how awesome you are.

Raise Your Vibration – This is a 111 step by step daily spiritual practice on things you can do to raise your energy. While at times it felt a little tooo spiritual for me (hey I’m spiritual! Just not, IN YOUR FACE about it) I did enjoy the daily practice.

Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic – This is about the witch wound and how women have had generations of trauma from being held back by the patriarchy and I loved this.

The Burnout Manifesto – I took a manifestation and mindset workshop where I crossed paths with Eve the author and read this early on in the year. It’s about being a high achiever in life and realizing you are more than what you feel you are supposed to achieve, which I really resonate with.

Next books on my list for 2022:

The Artist’s Way

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing The Uncommon

Outwitting the Devil

Atomic Habits

The Body Keeps the Score

Your Brain is Always Listening

I hope one of these books speaks to you as it did to me! Stay tuned as I mention more goals and things I’m focusing on this new year.

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