Boss Lady Businesses

I am a big time believer in small business owners. Even more so of small business owners that make it big time! Whether someone has a small Etsy shop, a booth at a craft fair, or they have a full on brand complete with social media presence, I LOVE shopping with independent business owners. Especially if they are run by BOSS WOMEN! WOoo!

Someday I would love to have my own small business and be my own LADY BOSS. I have ideas that stem from boutiques to food trucks and even a themed bed & breakfast. ❤ ❤ ❤

Here are some of my absolute favorite businesses to support at the moment, made by and run by women:

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 3.14.33 PM.pngOui Fresh – run by Elsie & Emma, the lovely sisters of A Beautiful Mess, this side business of theirs has natural lip sticks and glosses, oils, tees, and sunnies. I have a purse, a handful of tees, and pair of sunnies – CLEARLY I’m a big fan!


Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 3.15.50 PM.pngLuella – Based out of Austin, TX (my old city and first LOVE!) cute and sassy feminist t-shirts and pins.


Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 3.17.41 PM.pngLittle Arrow Studio – the CUTEST accessory shop in town, straight out of Portland (my FAV place to visit!)


Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 3.18.42 PM.pngDaisy Natives – another cutesy tee and pin shop from Austin with a cool social media following. #girlssupportgirls


Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 3.20.41 PM.pngValfre  – LA based women’s fashion company founded by Mexican-born artist Ilse Valfré.


Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 3.12.09 PM.pngTeleport Shoes – very small LA shoe brand run all by Mel, the lady herself. I own the pair of pink bolt booties and working with her on my order was a delight. Plus they have super unique shoes that you can NOT find anywhere else!

That’s all for my round-up at the moment, but if I find anything else that I want to share I’ll spread the word!

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