Parks & Rec


Living in San Francisco is amazing in so many ways. We have beautiful architecture, rolling hills, gorgeous bridges, redwoods in Golden Gate Park, and the ocean is on our doorstep. Not to mention we aren’t too far away from wine country or campsites! And the weather is always pretty amazing…

Sometimes it feels overly crowded. I mean, if you look at the buildings in the city you can see just how close quarters everyone is. Luckily, there are parks sprinkled throughout the city that can provide a mini getaway when you have no intention of leaving your parking spot because #parkingsucks. John and I enjoy walking throughout the city and exploring businesses along the way – anywhere from a new taco spot to a dive bar we haven’t seen before. It’s a nice way to get familiar with your neighbors and surroundings.

Although my favorite park to walk is the Panhandle of Golden Gate, we also enjoy making the trek up Buena Vista Park off Haight street, which are both close to our house. It’s a little oasis with a great view and interesting people watching 🙂





Pictures don’t do this view justice!



My dad worked for the Recreation & Parks department of the Air Force for almost 40 years, so I grew up going to parks all over the country. I volunteered in creating trails for new parks and working to eliminate brush. I used to make mulch from our TROY BUILT CHIPPER VAC you guys!


It looks like this!!!

Anyways, happy Friday! GO OUT AND ENJOY THE PARKS!

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