Oh, hello!


Hello there! And welcome to me. I’m Emily. I’ve blogged in the past here and there throughout my 20’s but wanted to start over as I’ve reached a new point in my life (cough cough, my 30’s), thus my idea for Daydreams & Disco was born.

So who am I? Good question! I don’t feel like a “true millennial” because I grew up without having the internet and needing library cards for bibliography references (hey, it’s true! My generation is the last generation to know what it is like to be in school without Google or learn to drive without GPS). Buuuuut I did join Facebook 1.0 back when it launched, so I am accustomed to social media and how it has shaped all of our lives. It’s crazy and amazing that you can keep in touch with relatives far away and meet people you would never get the opportunity to meet in your everyday life while being “plugged in” to the internet. But it’s also easy to lose yourself and sense of reality in your day to day life with always being so plugged in. It’s a hard balance. As comfy as it can be in my bed in the morning, spending an hour or so checking up on social media or various news stories, I remind myself constantly to get outside, connect with nature, CONNECT TO MY INNER VOICE, put my phone down (I admit I struggle with this sometimes) and try to live my life one day at time.

It’s so easy to compare yourself to others online who *seem* to have it all. Their perfectly curated online life can produce anxiety and stress if you let it, along with those thoughts of “wow they seem to have it all while I’m eating Totinos pizza rolls in my pajamas as I’m hungover right this minute” (this in no way is a sponsored post paid for by Totinos pizza rolls. All opinions posted here are mine and mine alone. Totinos pizza rolls are delicious). But the truth is, YOU are perfect JUST AS YOU ARE (I believe Mark Darcy said it best to Bridget Jones in the first Bridget Jones movie, “I like you very much, just the way you are.” A prime example of how we took a perfectly good book/movie JUST THE WAY IT WAS and ruined it with a sequel and NOW trilogy?! RIP Bridget Jones #1, I’m going to pretend it was just one movie all along…)

Are you still here? Great! Welcome to my journey of true self expression. I’m not a perfectly curated online personality, I am only me. I’m a multifaceted gem and have a wide range of interests that keep me going, and I want to gab about it in a real way (or as real as I can these days). So here it goes internet. I’m back, and more blingin’ than ever!




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